How can we improve self esteem and achieve our own aims?

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Believing in ourselves is the first step to convince other people to believe in us. Nevertheless we are constantly afraid of not feeling up to something or not be accepted. If someone tells us we can’t do something, we believe him. We adapt ourselves to common behavior without thinking with our own head and we convince ourselves to be replaceable or irrelevant.

How to find or improve self esteem?

Whether you are a worker or a student or a simple human being with a goal, you should prove to the ones who discourage you that you can do everything you aim for.

A student who has difficulties in learning a language or taking an exam and is told by his teacher that he will never be able to reach his goal, should react by demonstrating the opposite. Putting a proper study plan down in black and white, attending class or practicing every day with perseverance and motivation are effective techniques. The most important matter consists in preventing other people from arranging you in a cliché which doesn’t suit you.

How can we improve self esteem and achieve our own aims?

A worker who feels demotivated by his manager and believes he will never achieve his own aims should force himself not to listen to anyone except his own conscience. The world is used to label other people under prearranged standards, which however can’t be adapted to everyone. It is not easy to complete a term of office but there are many strategies everyone can use in order to improve personal productivity.

What really matters is in fact understanding ourselves, demonstrating we are capable of achieving an aim and not letting other people discourage us.

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