Non-Verbal Communication: the walk

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The way we walk reveals much more than we can think of about our personality. The way a person walk can extremely reveal the characteristics of that person, the sentiments which pass through the head, his/her expectation and the intention that he/she is going to satisfy.

Let’s consider some type of gestures and walk:

1. Head forward: when a person walks with the head forward he/she is keeping the head fixed in an unconscious way, avoiding rude movements: this is a typical behavior of the prudent people. Then it will be necessary to observe the bust, because if it is recessed and combined with a brief step, the message it communicates is of little vitality.

2. Back of the hands forward oriented: people that walk by keeping the back of the hands forward oriented are protecting themselves from something, in fact they hide the palm, the part of the hand that it is shown by shaking someone’s hand for the first time.

3. Lengthened stride: people with this type of step are usually determined and ready to make decisions in a clear and direct way. Don’t let yourself be dragged along by their rhythm and try to impose your step insted, specially in commercial relationships, otherwise you will have to limp along them and without knowing the direction.

Non-Verbal Communication: the walk

4. Chest out: this sign is typical of ambitious people. Check the legs as well, which in this case should remain often backward, pointing out that probably he or she throws her/himself headlong into the problems, delegating only small questions to collaborators. These people often hide insecurity on fundamental points, that’s why feet remains backwords, so I suggest to be prudent.

5. Withdrawn chest: people with this posture are closed and they have often curved shoulders. They are people which in that moment wouldn’t like to be bothered or to be singled out. It’s convenient to involve them just when it is necessary because it’s unlikely they will give us their full availability.

The study and the analysis of the inferior part of the body, like the legs and the way to lean the feet, are the most difficult things to learn for a scholar of the non-verbal communication, but that part of the body gives also the most important messages, because people can learn to hide thoughts and ideas blocking muscles of the face using the classical poker face, but nobody is educated to control the inferior limbs. So we could say that in some cases the legs are the mirror of the soul.

Luca Brambilla