The coach and the things they don’t tell you

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By now more often we are assailed by sponsored video in which elderly guys, wise boys at the beginning, improvise coach. This is the term on the mouth of everyone and it seems that there are more coaches in Italy than fishes in the sea. I know very well this world and I have a lot of friends and acquaintances which are the most quoted coaches in Italy. So I think that my due is giving some suggestions to avoid that you, my dear readers, fell in legalized swindles. I immediately precise that I am not a coach, but a researcher of NVC (non-verbal communication), for which I don’t have the intention to bring the situation in my favor or to anybody.

Here 5 things to know about this figure:

1. All coaches

By now any register of coaches, any institution which recognize them, and any system that defend them indiscriminately, doesn’t exit. There are not clear exams for becoming a coach. Coach is a person who “helps someone else to give the best of him/her” and so, as you can well imagine, everyone can wake up at the morning and define him/her a coach.

2. Which abilities?

Given that there is not any system that defines clearly and unequivocally what is a coach, consequently there is not any clear list of competences. There is some one that learn with some class of PNL, who enrolls to a rhetoric class, others study English to sell their lies also in other language, and someone pretend to be a mentalist (this category makes me worried).

The coach and the things they don’t tell you

3. Classes for plastic spot

Pseud coach schools are increasingly blooming on the national territory, to give certificates, which immediately will be not spendable in any place. Who would like to have a coach which has a unique written declaration emitted by Joe Soap, with one hundred of “likes” on Facebook? Not me surely, and you neither.

4. Only questions and no answers

One of the most interesting things of the coaches is that these make questions or give to solve exercises, like breathing, making boosted questions and so on. Nobody gives strategy ensuring that you will reach determined goal. Do you know why? It’s easy! Because nobody has this formula, and anyway he/she doesn’t sell to you on Facebook for about thousands of euros. I don’t certainly underestimate the power to making intelligent questions, but if I have to pay a consultation I would like the consultant has also some answers.

5. Beautiful chats and little more

Given that the famous coach session are just light talks with persons which don’t have clear and definite skills and that their goal is allow you to improve in a determined sector, or even!, you entire life, I invite you to think that this type of activities is exactly what you should do when you speak with you mother, or any yours friends. And there it reveals an uncovered nervous. Perhaps coach’s expansion is an indicator of the fact that we are in a period without sure affective figures, like real friends that push us to give our best rather than withdrawn into our self, giving banal reasons. Try to have relationships set up on the truth, on the sincerity of what you feel, and listen deeply the feedback received. You will have so the opportunity to relaunch interrupted relationship with your parents, with your friends and maybe with your girl/boyfriend. You will find yourself more happy, more strength and moreover with different money in your wallet. Finally, you will prove that the most beautiful thing is being coach of our self.

P.S.: as always, if someone (particularly coaches) doesn’t agree with what I wrote down, invite me to some their sitting or meeting: I will happy to write an article entirely dedicated to them saying that they are exceptions in the middle of a multitude of boors.

Luca Brambilla