Brief handbook to avoid business scams

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First of all, I want to thank my friends from for hospitality. Today I’m going to talk about scams and how to avoid them. It is manifest that by now Facebook has increasingly become a place where charlatan, financial geniuses, marketing experts and so on present themselves with many promoted posts (simple post wouldn’t be liked even by their own friends), trying to sell us the Holy Grail, which is going to make us rich, happy, and, why not, with a beautiful woman by our side.

I will start by saying that I hold personal education and hard work in high regard, and I strongly believe that some basic information about personnel psychology must be thaught at school. Now it’s time to ward off those vultures who, using some basic NLP to convey an emotional state of euphoria. The unlucky person would pay through the nose to attend a course in an elegant hotel, thinking that two days like that would definitely change his life. Before going trough the list, I want to point out that I don’t sell anything to a half-merry, half-depressed crowd. I don’t intend to stole your money. I just want to tell you: “Watch out! Before investing your savings, look carefully at what you are going to sow”.

How to avoid business scams

1. Never believe too rapid changes!

Get rid of those who promise you miraculous changes in few days! Let things take their course, the mind must get used to change in order to create a new engram (in other words, another forma mentis): that process can take months, sometimes years. Jesus Christ needed three days to resurrect: don’t believe someone who declares he can make you a god just in seven hours.

2. Never believe someone who wants to make you rich!

It’s better to attend a Master Degree Program where you learn how to use tools to work better. Don’t believe to unrealistic programs with whom you’ll get rich “in two years and seven months”, as a snake-oil salesman like Alfio Bardolla. Why seven, precisely, and not five or eight? Nobody approaches giving you 5000 dollars, let alone a million dollars. Get rid of whom wants you to get rich, but just after having attended his own course.

3. Always verify his story and results!

Each time you watch a video, just check off who and what’s behind it. Usually it could be useful to have a look at the Facebook page that has posted it and just notice that the page has very few likes, each one of doubtful origin. Always try to talk with some people who already attended the course, and ask them if they actually gained more money. Watch out: the phrase “It’s been amazing” is far from being sufficient. You don’t attend Master Programs to be amazed: according to each one’s tendency, other kind of amusements are available (cinema, theatre, any sport you like). Moreover, always ask for a final certificate. For example, a course held by Il Sole24Ore gives you a certificate, and that means that they are doing things properly. A course held by someone who gives you the “according to me certificate” is without a doubt a sign of scam.

I could go on, but for the sake of brevity I just want to add one thing: always weighs pros and cons of the outgo before spending money on a course, setting down reasons and costs. If you do that, you’ll activate the rational part of your brain, and you’ll stay cool. In that case, you won’t let the charlatans’ enthusiasm ipnotize you and steal your money legally!

Luca Brambilla