Non-Verbal Communication: the step

Reading time: 2 minutes

As for the legs, so the feet can reveal much about the personality of someone and especially, they emanate signs almost never filtered by the individual in question. The based norm can be explained through the example of the ski: if the ski leans toward inside you go by snow plough and the energy of the body is stopped, while if the legs are too stretched out you are going to end with the legs in the air, because you used badly the load. Vice versa, one foot with the right tip is the foot of a secure person, which pursues a goal and he doesn’t give up until he will reach it. Coming back to the example of the snow plough, we can be sure that one person with the feet backward is braking, and so it’s not convenient to observe the posture of the rest of the body. If we will note a falling body, shoulders backward and inclined head, we will be sure that the individual is reserved and he/she is thinking about personal matters, which are worrying the person.

Instead if in combination with feet oriented toward the interior we will find an open body and right shoulders, we can find a contrast between the superior and inferior part of the body. So there will be the desire to open a dialogue, but there will not be sufficient energy to convince that person to be completely open, given that it will be ever the unconscious part that wants to hold back, showed through the legs. The legs with the feet oriented towards outside are typical of the persons that want to seem sure, attacking, but later they useless waste the energy without reaching the goal. The body suggests to who observe him/her that the person has the tendency to distract during the work.

Obviously there are also variation and different combination. For example, one person with the legs cropping markedly up toward outside, shows to be an instable person and to have an emotive nature quite easy influenced, despite boasting about the security. Too often during the job interview, it doesn’t pay the due attention to the inferior part of the body, thinking wrongly that all that one person has to say it is communicated through the face; if the legs as well are analyzed, step and legs in movement, a lot of wrong hiring would be avoided because of delicate positions. The problem is that the same persons which are engaged in the hiring and recruitment are often unprepared and they rely more in the own sensations and sympathies rather than on what the candidate really transmits.

Luca Brambilla