Emotions, better outside than inside

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We perceive the surrounding reality like “a bundle of perceptions”, and these perceptions are translated into feelings which invade our body according to their intensity. It is convenient since the youth educate us to learn to recognize and to take seriously our feelings. Adapting to our context a nice line of Shrek we could say:

“It’s better out than in!”

It’s necessary learn to take seriously the feelings that pass through our mind because otherwise they risk “to explode inside our self”, generating also grave mental pathologies. Let’s think for example a guy which has a crush on a beautiful girl of his class. If this guy will pretend to not care about that girl, without trying with her, but especially without admitting himself to be attracted by her, he risks to became introvert, nervous, and worse apathetic toward the world because he won’t accustomed to relate with the reality.

Emotions, better outside than inside

But it’s difficult that someone can hold for long time a feeling, because this tends always to get out through escape way, like a foot which trembles under the table during a meeting because the individual in question is particularly upset. Here the body finds a way to unload the nervous tension that it was accumulating.Samy Molcho in “The languages of the Body” reminds rightly that “every removal produces energetic pressure and a counter pressure which try to unload toward outside. If we block them, they orient them self against internal organs and they could trigger psychosomatic disturbs.” So we could compare the human body with a boiler, in which an orology indicates the excess of pressure, and it unloads a valve of surge. If the way then is strengthened and forcedly closed the body will react “overheat” increasing the mimic and muscle tension.

Compressing a feeling is never the better way, without necessarily being sentimental with obviously bestial deviations. Instead, it will have always to learn to communicate own feelings in clear way, without becoming aggressive. In one word it’s necessary became assertive. The first step to become assertive (like homework) is taking seriously what you think about the different circumstances in which you are living.

Luca Brambilla