The real levels of the knowledge of NLP

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What is NLP?

Since few years, also in Italy the NLP, acronymic for neuro-linguistic program, has arrived: however, there is still confusion regarding what it is necessary to do to become an expert in this fascinating discipline.

Let’s start from some little historic elements: in 1970 the NLP’s founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, created the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Society of NLP) with the aim of carring out a direct power on the quality of the programs, services and material used to teach the NLP and to certify different level of learning.

The levels of NLP learning

Indeed regarding these different levels of learning, it’s useful to start by making clarity about a widespread and diffuse prejudice: it doesn’t exist a master in NLP. Just like that. All the three levels (plus one) of the neuro-linguistic program are attached to the original documentation, signed by Richard Bandler and by the trainer which has kept the course attended.

Let’s see the different levels of certification:

  • Practitioner: you reach this position by attending a course held by a certificated Trainer;
  • Master Practitioner: you reach this position by attending a course held by a certificated Trainer;
  • Trainer: you obtain this position by attending a class held by Doctor Bandler and then by being recognized by him. Thanks to this certification it is possible to teach the NLP and emit attending certificates of the first two levels of NLP;
  • Master Trainer: they are people choosen directly by Dr. Bandler among the trainers that have showed deep awareness of the issue. There are not classes to attend in order to obtain this title and we can’t consider it as a new level of NLP, it is an honorific title.

As just described, the different grades of NLP learning are clear and easily recognizable thanks both to the documentation. In this way you won’t pay for signed papers without value.

Luca Brambilla